John Meechan, CEO and Broker-of-Record/Co-Owner - John has spent 15 years in this industry, serving in a variety of roles, from sales agent, mentor, trainer, manager, consultant, and recruiter to general sales manager. He has been affiliated with small boutique firms, regional brokerages and global franchises, garnering tremendous experience and a unique perspective about the business. Early on he identified and considered two common issues facing agents and clients: first, high integrity and knowledge are often hard to find consistently in one place and second, a committed leadership team all on the same page is rare in a residential brokerage.  

John's time and energy has always been focused on client care and agent development. The Gallery was created to provide a reputable place for the public to call, knowing they will always have a great, skillful broker at their service and full service agents working in their best interests.

This industry hasn't always allowed "change agents" a stage to share ideas, models and concepts, but John's have been proven to support focused agents and keep brokerages running efficiently. John's commitment to this craft is evident here at The Gallery. 


Jeff Kniffin, President, COO/Co-Owner - As our president and chief operating officer here at The Gallery, Jeff is responsible for the strategic planning and direction of the company as well as overseeing daily operations.

His professional background includes 10+ years in varied roles in residential real estate sales, management and leadership teams, various leadership and management positions at an international safety and security corporation, leadership in fire and emergency services, and leadership in paramilitary organizations throughout his life.

A 20+ year resident of Monmouth County, he is committed to building a progressive, robust business that contributes not only to the success of its associates, but also to the communities it serves.