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Selling In A Winter Wonderland

December 9, 2022

By Susan Heckman

Here at The Gallery, we have been talking with our clients about the benefits of selling your home during the winter season and today we are sharing the stats that demonstrate why it is a great time to sell!

It isn't hard to imagine why most home sellers would put off listing a home during the holidays. We get it — the idea of having showings scheduled and transactions negotiated during this already hectic time might seem overwhelming. However, if you think that waiting to sell your home in the spring or summer will get you the best sale, consider the following:

✅ Winter home shoppers are more serious

✅ Housing demand in our area is still very high

✅ Inventory is critically low

✅ Mortgage rates have eased and are still below historical averages

And the numbers don't lie. Over the past year, median sale prices climbed 10% in Monmouth County and 13% in Ocean County. For the same period, the number of sold listings fell 17% and 14%, respectively, mainly due to the lack of inventory. The number of active listings fell 14% and 11%, further exacerbating the shortage of available homes.

Here's how the market shaped up this November for Monmouth and Ocean Counties:

Although there may be fewer home shoppers compared to the warmer seasons, the lack of listings shows there are still many more buyers searching for a home in our communities than there are sellers, they are more serious buyers overall, and tend to be eager and qualified to make a purchase.


Don't wait to list your home!

Call our office at 732-449-4646 for more information and to schedule a consultation.

Would you like in-depth sales data about a specific town or neighborhood? Send us a direct message and we'll get that right to you! You may also want to learn what your own home could sell for in today's market — you will likely be surprised!

Always here to serve you.

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Source: FlexMLS

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